How To Improve Your Facebook Ad Relevance Score

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Over the next few weeks, you should start seeing the Facebook Ad Relevance Score showing up on your Facebook Ads section of your campaign manager.  It will look like the illustration below:


What does this new Facebook Ad relevance score mean to you and how will this affect your Facebook marketing performance?

What Is The  Facebook Ad Relevance Score

The relevance scores for ads, which is quantitative scores based on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (great), measures how well the ad should perform for its targeted audiences.  This is not a score that is set in stone,rather, the score is continuously updated as more and more people interact and provide feedback on your ad.

The higher your relevance score is, the more likely Facebook is to send your ads to the customers most likely to benefit, thus improving your clicks while reducing your costs.  So what impacts this relevance score on Facebook?

Here’s a video about the Relevance Score as put together by Mashable:

What Impacts Quality Scores On Facebook Ads?

Here’s an infographic that details what impacts quality scores on Facebook…

How To Improve Your Facebook Ads Relevance Score - Infographic

There are five main factors that will impact the quality score of your Facebook marketing campaigns:

  • Targeting – Facebook’s goal is to show relevant content to it’s users.  What this means is that Facebook wants marketers to show high quality ads to people most likely to be interested in the product or service.  Unlike other forms of media, Facebook doesn’t like ‘interruption’ marketing.  Marketers who have the philosophy of ‘throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall to see what sticks’ won’t have their ads shown on Facebook.  Therefore, ads managers will definitely want to create an accurate avatar of their customer and take advantage of Facebook’s awesome targeting features in their platform.
  • Message – Facebook likes short, sweet, and relevant.  Also, keep your message on target with the product or service you’re offering.  Facebook wants it’s members to be able to understand what they’re clicking on and getting into prior to leaving the social networking site.
  • Image – First, determine whether you want to use an actual image or a video instead.  Facebook video ads have become increasingly popular (and profitable), especially for retargeting.  Second, make sure whatever image you use is of high quality.  Between the message and the image, your image will have a much bigger impact on your pay per click results.
  • Frequency Score – People fall victim to ad blindness, which means that the more people see your ad, the less likely they are to notice it.  After a while, they start ignoring your message (which is bad), hiding your message (which is worse), or complaining to Facebook (which is worst).  Keep an eye on your frequency rate and quality score.  As one goes up, the other will go down.  Be prepared to refresh your ads.
  • Offensive Content – This is common sense.  Offensive content might get people’s attention but, on Facebook, this leads to a poor experience.

Bottom line:  Always be testing variables to see what works and what doesn’t and make necessary adjustments.

Why Is The Facebook Ad Quality Score Important

Simply put, this ad relevance score by Facebook is so important because Facebook is making great profits by showing fewer ads.  This last statement may seem like an oxymoron, but Facebook wants to show fewer ads to the right people and charge marketers more for this service.  Here’s what Daily Edition had to say:

Here’s how it works: the more relevant the ads are to a user, the more Facebook can charge for them–and the fewer ads a user will have to see to become a valuable target. Facebook’s voracious data collection is constantly increasing its ability to serve relevant ads. As a result, the number of ads Facebook served in the fourth quarter was actually down 65%. But the “average price per ad is up a whopping 335%,” according to the business site Quartz.

In summary, if you are scoring well, then you have a high probability  of having lower cost ads.

Is A Facebook Ad Relevance To Google Adwords Comparison Accurate?

Those familiar with Google Adwords quality score may wonder if Facebook’s new quality score is a good comparison.  Lotta Eloholma of Elison Media discusses the similarities:

While the relevance score is not calculated every time an auction takes place like its AdWords equivalent, it still gives the advertiser an estimate of the current state of the campaign. Also, the two metrics not only measure the appropriateness of the ad but can also have an impact on the costs of advertising. This means that in theory, a higher score should lead to lower costs and budget efficiencies, and helps the ad to reach the most relevant users. It also benefits the users as they will be served the ad that is thought to be more relevant to their interests.

While metrics as Google Adword’s quality score and Facebook’s Ad relevance scores may have their benefits, such as telling you when the performance of an ad is falling, marketers should not rely on this as the sole metric for judging campaign performance.

Examples Of Ads And Relevance Scores By Facebook


Use Custom Audiences To Boost Your Ad Relevance Score

What if you could target people who have characteristics that are similar to the people who visit your website, or even better, the people who are likely to make a purchase or fill out a form?

You can do that by uploading your custom audience and creating a lookalike audience.

  • Step 1 – Add conversion tracking pixels to your website.
  • Step 2 – Upload a list of your customers’ email address (or phone number) to create your custom audience.
  • Step 3 – From your custom audience, create a lookalike audience.  This lookalike audience is an audience of Facebook members who share the same psychdemographics as your current customers!  If you want to learn more about pixels, Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences, visit:
  • Step 4 – Run retargeting campaigns to keep marketing to those who visited your site but didn’t take the required call to action.

What do you think of the new Facebook Ads Relevance Scores?  Have they impacted your pay per click marketing campaign yet?  Leave a comment below!

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Nick is an Award Winning web designer, is also the Creative Director for the Agency, assisting in areas like funnel creation, copywriting, Landing Page development, and more. Nick also oversees all of the technical components of the creation and implementation of Social Media Ad Genius.

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