How To Setup Your First Yahoo Gemini Campaign

In February 2014, Yahoo launched Gemini which is an online marketplace for businesses to display mobile and native ads. While Google is still dominating the organic search market,  Yahoo sits in second place with 8.79% market share: Source: Statcounter As the 5th most visited site in the world, Yahoo is a brilliant platform for marketers…

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4 Common Ways Marketers Get Suspended Using Google AdWords

If you frequent any online marketing forums, every few weeks you will see an outcry from a marketer who got suspended from using Google AdWords. They scream their innocence and vow never to use Google again. Google has become the world’s biggest traffic source, and as a result have placed stringent guidelines for marketers who…

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How To Get Started Using Twitter’s Lead Generation Card

Lead Generation Card

With more than 40% of the entire population using the Internet, capturing leads hasn’t gotten any easier. For most new marketers, digging a 20 foot hole with a teaspoon would be easier than creating high converting landing pages. I know it was for me when I first started out. For new and current marketers having…

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How To Create Google Banner Ads That Actually Get You Clicks

Since the average click-through rate of a banner ad is said to be 0.1%, many marketers avoid placing banner ads on the Google Display Network and stick to Facebook or AdWords instead. I’ve had marketers ask me this question over a hundred times: “Do banner ads work?” That question is best answered by this great…

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Have You Started Building Your Facebook Advertising List Yet?


The Facebook secret is finally out. As the world’s biggest social media network and second largest traffic source – everybody is using it. I’m using it to drive traffic, you’re using it to drive traffic, even my lovely retired next door neighbor is driving Facebook traffic to her eBay knitwear store. Okay, the last one…

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What Are Quality Scores In Bing Ads?

Quality Scores In Bing Ads

If you haven’t used Bing for paid search yet, you may want to strongly consider this ad platform.  We’ve implemented using Bing advertising for every clients who uses Google Adwords in our Agency… and have seen great results!  In many cases, our click thru rate (CTR) is typically 2-3 times higher than on Google… while…

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Which Match Type Is Best For Google Adwords?


 Is there a Perfect Match Type on Google Adwords… or is this just a Myth? The difference between being a for profit vs. an unintentional non-profit company using Google Adwords can many times come down to your ability to setting up keywords properly. But matching keywords in Google search is tricky, because people have unique…

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