How To Get Started & Create Profits With LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Of the Big 4 Social Media Ad Platforms, LinkedIn Ads would rank 4th.  So why use it? Because if you want to directly and specifically reach the business professional, then LinkedIn ads is the most efficient social channel to use.  LinkedIn Ads let you target specific job titles, job functions, industries, or company size (just…

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5 Tips For Shooting YouTube Video Ads


Why use YouTube Video Ads?  65% of people are visual learners, and since YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, using YouTube video ads to answer questions will help you solve the problems facing your prospect. Solving problems always leads to more money. This gives small businesses a platform for not only creating simple advertisements…

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6 Top Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For Your Sales Funnel

Top Conversion Rate Optimization

6 top conversion rate optimization strategies that will help turn your traffic into sales! When starting out with pay per click strategies (specifically Facebook), many marketers focus solely on the ads portion.  However, the complete success formula = Traffic * Conversion.  Traffic is the people that you send to your landing page.  Conversion is the percentage of…

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How To Specifically Target Affluent Facebook Consumers

Did you know that there are 15.6 million Facebook users in the U.S. with a W2 job that pays them more than $100,000 per year? When most marketers think about targeting affluent consumers, they automatically assume that LinkedIn is the way to go.  But research shows that many of these affluent consumers are actually using…

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5 Top Tips For Creating Profitable Facebook Ads (Infographic)


What Steps Can You Take To Make & Design Profitable Facebook Ads? According to a study performed by Digital Marketing Ramblings, there are about 1 million small or medium sized businesses advertising on Facebook.  That statistic means that there is quite a bit of competition going on for the attention of your customer. So what can…

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How We Hit 200% ROI With Facebook Retargeting

facebook retargeting

The Strategy We Used To Make A 200% ROI With Facebook Retargeting For One Of Our Clients If you’re new to Facebook Ads, you’re probably NOT running retargeting. And if you ARE running retargeting on Facebook, you’re probably NOT doing it right. In the article below, I’ll show you a step-by-step case study of how we got a 2-to-1…

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If Hemingway Gave Facebook Copywriting Advice…


Lessons learned from Ernest Hemingway… on  Facebook copywriting? Ernest Hemingway may have passed long before he could experience the joy of using Facebook advertising to grow his business and customer base, but that doesn’t make his writing advice any less spot-on when it comes to constructing Facebook ads. Creating a successful Facebook ad is no…

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