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“What a fantastic course” I’ve been marketing on-line for the past 5 years and my eyes have been truly opened… CrAzY how one little pixel can be so powerful!! It’s a beautiful moment when the penny eventually drops 🙂

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Adam Dowell

The recording of Curt yesterday is so freaking valuable that I can’t even comprehend how easy it is for him now and how much I still have to learn




Adam Dowell Fast Track to Freedom Student
Michael Augustine

Thank you curt and thanks to all for your responses to my questions I am seeing the great benefits SMAG brings and as i move along I always ask questions to figure out fine details of marketing I strongly support Curt Maly and his advice to test and verify

– thank you all

Michael Augustine Online Marketing Coach

Roger Bryan

Roger Bryan Enfusion

Jeremy Howie

Quick shoutout and HUGE thank you to Curt, Zack, and the guys….we are using the methods taught by them regarding FB PPC and are getting great results. Specifically we are running ads to attorneys across the nation with a concentration in CA, CO, TX, FL, WA and using a list FB created based off a pixel on the capture page. We layered our best know demos over that lookalike audience and are getting $0.36 clicks to our page! Interestingly,if not predictably we are getting the best CTRs/CPSs with a picture of our team after skydiving (raw photos of real people work best). Three solid leads so far today alone…thanks again guys, appreciate your cutting edge FB marketing tips and your willingness to share. Can’t wait to begin the Website Conversion ads where I think the magic will really happen!

Jeremy Howie Enlightened marketing LLC
Randy Polson

Shecky/Curt – After finally getting a CTA (google docs survey) up and running for two days I already have two leads, woohoo! At first I was highly overwhelmed, but now it’s starting to look promising. I can’t wait to get weber and lead pages up and running….feeling good !!

Thanks guys!

Randy Polson Isagenix International, LLC


Chris Wood

Steve Kehler

“Curt, great explanation of the conversion pixel! You always do a bang-up job of simplifying such powerful tools. Your instruction has made a huge difference in my business.

– Thanks!”

Steve Kehler SK Digital Controls Ltd


Darren Hanser Hanser Marketing

Dana Lee Fruend

“As I first discovered Ad Genius, I have been very appreciative of the free videos and website, but the products they offer…the best! I feel as I grow I have a leg up because of your tips and instruction….I launch in October…I will be tracking everything. I am learning and applying all best practices from several sources. Ad Genius really opened my eyes! – Thank you! “

Dana Lee Fruend Marketing at Nevada Day


Norio De Sousa SMAG InsidersClub Member

Michelle James

“My phone won’t stop pinging. Overtime I look it’s another lead thinks to Social Media Ad Genius.”

Michelle James



Cesar Ramirez Cesar

Paul Miller

“I have been here approx 3 weeks… totally new to any of this…. Almost new to Facebook…

After watching a few of the first videos and then re-watching again… I followed your directions, started a Facebook page, started running a few campaigns…

I’m about 10 days I have right @ 12 likes to my page 25000 people talking about my page…

One post now has 1039 likes and 1024 shares.. all because of your help and classes…

Your lessons are very well prepared and presented easy to understand and follow…

I am looking forward to learning lots more…”



Paul Miller PK Renovations


Brandon Shelton Mechanical Marketing

Brain Fanale  My Lead System PRO



Anne Ricci Anne's Healthy Kitchen

Drew Kossoff

“I was also super impressed with a few folks I didn’t get to meet (Loral Langemeier and Curt Maly).. all I can say is WOW! haven’t been to one of these in a while and my mind is exploding with ideas.

Drew Kossoff Rainmaker Ad Ventures, Inc.



Randolph Ellis Facebook Marketer/Trainer

Anatoli Niculeac

“After watching your webinar, I implemented one tip for conversion pixel and complete campaign with ROI 400%. AdSpend $200, Sales $883. Your trainmen best fb course I ever seen. This conversion pixel + your fb funnel conversion really ATM machine. Thanks so much!”

Anatoli Niculeac Teespring Affiliate



Greg Gomez III Fast Start

Jeff Mills
Jeff Mills Goldmills Marketing, LLC

Linus Rylander

Linus Rylander Copywriting genius

Carrie Rose
Carrie Rose

Devani Anjali Alderson
Devani Anjali Alderson Chief Creative Geek

Daniel Marama

Daniel Marama Online Business Marketing

Steve Jaffe_Tes2 Steve Jaffe Planet Profit Pro

Bill Mitchell_Tes
Bill Mitchell

Tommy Pick Tommy Pick

Gene Grass Gene Grass SMAG Memeber

Valerie McCartney

Valerie McCartney Enticing Tables