Target, Engage & Monetize


Click The ‘Play’ Button To Watch The LIVE Hangout at 3pm. “Facebook is like a cocktail party,” says Pamela Herrmann from The Morning Would Show. “It is a goldmine of prospects…” Just like any other cocktail party you have to network and engage with your guests, right? But before the party, you have to invite…

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Bait & Click


“This sweet purple thing can do wonders if you…” – CLICK “You will never believe how she got to the top…” – CLICK In the simplest way to put it, we are talking about Clickbait. Clickbait is a label for a headline that is created solely to capture a user based on curiosity. And to…

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The Most Important Dial On Your Dashboard


Around the world, vehicles are built with one key dial that always has a place of prominence on the dashboard. That important dial? Your Speedometer. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why this dial is so important? Well, there’s the obvious….it tells you how fast you are traveling.  This simple number can tell you…

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4 Changes Coming To Google Adwords That You Need To Know


Did you have a chance to watch the Google Performance Summit on May 24th announcing changes to the Google Adwords platform?  If not, here’s the hour long video of the summit below: Highlights Of Changes To Google Adwords Platform At the Google Performance Summit, Google announced a bunch of changes to both it’s Google Adwords…

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How To Use Facebook To Target B2B Decision Makers

How To Use Facebook To Target B2B Decision Makers - BANNER

LinkedIn is usually the first (and only) social media site you think of when it comes to the B2B or professional industry. LinkedIn is primarily used by working professionals while Facebook is typically accessed by children, mums and grandparents. So then, why even use Facebook to target B2B decision makers or key persons of influence(KPIs)?…

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Creating Consumable Content For Mobile Users

Creating Consumable Content For Mobile Users - banner

Mobile users and desktop users are two completely different beasts. A desktop user likes to take their time reading content, usually at home at a desk or on the couch. A mobile user likes to surf Facebook, while playing Angry Birds as they are shopping in a mall while simultaneously reading reviews of your store.…

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Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Live Streaming

Beginner's Guide To Facebook Live Streaming - banner

Over the last few months you may have seen people go ‘Live’ on Facebook. Not so long ago Facebook announced Live, the newest way to interact with friends and fans by live streaming directly off your smartphone. Live has now been rolled out to everyone and even small businesses can use smartphones and start recording…

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