Facebook Pixel Changes 2018

On October 5, 2018 Facebook sent an email out to all advertisers notifying them about an upcoming update to the Facebook Pixel. The motivation behind the upcoming change is the announcements from Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox regarding their blocking of 3rd party cookies on recent updates to their browsers. Currently Facebook’s pixel is a…

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Writing Compelling Ad Headlines that People Will Click

Writing Compelling Ad Headlines

Did you know that the traffic to your ad can vary by 500% based solely on the headline? You read that right. It can vary by 500%. That means something you already knew is true: when it comes to increasing traffic to your site, the headline you write is essential. So where do snappy headlines reign…

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Marketing Like Columbus

create ads that convert

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, most people are like Christopher Columbus… They don’t know where they are going. They don’t know where they are when they get there. And they don’t know where they went when they get back! Good ol’ Chris was an entrepreneur, and like many of you he was looking…

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Target, Engage & Monetize

Click The ‘Play’ Button To Watch The LIVE Hangout at 3pm. “Facebook is like a cocktail party,” says Pamela Herrmann from The Morning Would Show. “It is a goldmine of prospects…” Just like any other cocktail party you have to network and engage with your guests, right? But before the party, you have to invite…

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Bait & Click

“This sweet purple thing can do wonders if you…” – CLICK “You will never believe how she got to the top…” – CLICK In the simplest way to put it, we are talking about Clickbait. Clickbait is a label for a headline that is created solely to capture a user based on curiosity. And to…

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The Most Important Dial On Your Dashboard

Around the world, vehicles are built with one key dial that always has a place of prominence on the dashboard. That important dial? Your Speedometer. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why this dial is so important? Well, there’s the obvious….it tells you how fast you are traveling.  This simple number can tell you…

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4 Changes Coming To Google Adwords That You Need To Know


Did you have a chance to watch the Google Performance Summit on May 24th announcing changes to the Google Adwords platform?  If not, here’s the hour long video of the summit below: Highlights Of Changes To Google Adwords Platform At the Google Performance Summit, Google announced a bunch of changes to both it’s Google Adwords…

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